The integrated B2B credit management engine

CashPositive streamlines credit management and improves collections for your business by integrating with your systems, people and processes

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Transforming business relationships through credit management

We have built the tools and technology to re-engineer credit management into a low risk and high value business function. Imagine being able to extend payment terms that work for you as well as your business partners.

Optimize cash flows

Improve A/R metrics

Reduce risk
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Make data-driven credit decisions

While we understand that no-one knows your buyers better than you, some analytics surely help.

Take advantage of our analytics and let data guide your decision making.

Ensure On time/ Early Payments

CashPositive helps you increase collection effectiveness.

Instead of worrying about repeated calls for collections, payments or tracking payables, synchronise a predictable repayment schedule with your future cash flows.

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Extend Credit runway for your buyers

CashPositive helps you to extend flexible payment terms to your business buyers.

With the help of our strategic partnerships with country's leading lending institutions, we make sure that you never have to worry about increased credit requirement of your buyers.

Analyze Trends

Our built in KPI monitoring and reporting tools help you analyse trends in buyer behavior.

Tracking daily outstandings or collection patterns is a manual effort that we believe can be eliminated. CashPositive provides you with useful daily reports so that you can focus on what really matters, i.e. Growing your business.

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