Credit that works for everyone

Today, technology allows us to understand how credit flows through a supply chain, in ways that were not possible before. When this knowledge is converted to intelligence specific to your business, it becomes a superpower. We want you to have that superpower. So you can extend credit, risk-free & hassle-free.

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Extend business credit with CashPositive

Enhance pre-existing capabilities and develop new ones as you extend credit to business buyers.

Invoice tracking

Effortlessly track invoices from order to payment.

Direct Communication

Easily notify buyers about upcoming payments.

Auto Reconcilliation

Match incoming payments aginst outstanding dues.


Use proprietary insights to drive good payment behavior.


Seamlessly integrate with your ERP and MIS systems to analyse & process critical information.

Credit Intelligence

From cash flow forecasts to early warning signs, learn more!

Third-party Funds

Encourage buyers to avail unsecured credit lines for ready access to liquidity.

Sales Growth

Let credit perform its real function while you monitor relevant KPIs

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Make data-driven credit decisions

Our built in monitoring and reporting tools help you analyse trends in buyer behavior and guide you with data-driven decisions.

Tracking daily outstandings or collection patterns is a manual effort that we believe can be eliminated. CashPositive provides you with useful daily reports so that you can focus on what really matters, i.e. Growing your business.

Ensure On time/ Early Payments

CashPositive helps you increase collection effectiveness.

Instead of worrying about repeated calls for collections, payments or tracking payables, synchronise a predictable repayment schedule with your future cash flows.

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(Screenshot: Buyer- Credit Request)

Extend Credit runway for your buyers

CashPositive helps you to extend flexible payment terms to your business buyers.

With the help of our strategic partnerships with country's leading lending institutions, we make sure that you never have to worry about increased credit requirement of your buyers.

Integrated Experience

CashPositive acts as a sidekick to your existing ERP software - working seamlessly with your ERP systems.

With simple file-based integrations, CashPositive connects to your existing ERP and MIS systems to pull in the required data; saving your effort and providing you with a one-stop dashboard to analyse & process critical information.

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