About CashPositive

CashPositive is the trade name of Emergence Venture Partners, an SME-focused financial technology startup based in Delhi, that aims to streamline B2B credit management.

The fundamental problem that CashPositive is trying to solve is the unpredictability associated with B2B credit. 

Payment patterns in B2B transactions can be unpredictable due to several exogenous reasons, which in our view, should NOT strain buyer-supplier relationships. Our belief is that businesses should be able to buy and sell goods and services, confidently, on payment terms that work for them. At CashPositive, we help various supply chain actors improve credit management:

  • Through a cloud application that is designed to power credit management through supply chains
  • With access to short-term finance for vendors and/or channels partners  

CashPositive works directly with sellers like OEMs, B2B e-commerce marketplaces and online stores to extend flexible payment terms to select, pre-verified business buyers.

Meet the team

Aniruddha Verma
Product & Customer Success
Dhruv Sharma
Strategy & Market Adoption
Nitish Mehta
Technology & Product Development

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