Product Details

Digital Credit Management Engine that integrates with your systems & processes to:

  • Improve cash flows
  • Increase collection effectiveness
  • Reduce risks and overheads

Product highlights

On demand credit: Partnerships with financial institutions for buyer-supplier transactions that need third-party funds.

Integration: Integrates with ERP/Accounting systems for exchange of critical information

Customisation: Adapts to existing processes and workflows

Synchronisation: Achieves high level of synchronisation between the credit life cycle of buyers and suppliers

How it works ?

Product Features

User Dashboards

Use our analytics dashboards and reporting tools to paint a complete picture of real time transactions.

  • Onboarding Tools
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards

Automated Reminders

Increase the predictability of payments with automated reminders and digital collection methods.

"Systematic follow-up of accounts, even those which can not pay immediately, reinforces the serious nature of the outstanding debt and emphasizes the importance attached to it by the creditor. That in itself is an important collection advantage" - crfonline

Our automated reminders take away the manual effort involved in this critical activity.

ERP Integration

CashPositive integrates with your ERP/accounting systems for exchange of critical information and automates your credit management process.

Integration becomes essential when you plan things on scale. With our immense experience in building enterprise softwares and integration products, this complex task won't feel that tedious after all.

On demand credit

Receive an upfront payment while we extend your buyer's payment runway.

We partner with some of India's leading lending institutions to ensure that credit is available to your buyers whenever they need it.

Apart from providing extra convenience, it helps your business buyers increase their buying capacity and drive up sales.

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